Will Stress Kill A Person????????

Hi, guys. When any one raises this question, first you feel what a silly question. Then when are going to answer there is a great dilemma between what answer to be given.


Before going into stress. We shall start from basic.

We shall move to next definition Health.


What is health???

  • The state of being well
  • The absence of diseases or ill health.
  • Keeping body and mind fit.
  • Health implies to both body and mind.
  • The body should be free from diseases and mind should be relaxed and free from stress.


What is Stress???


Stress kills many people.  Every year  International Labour Organization-ILO celebrates health and safety at work day on April 28 to promote the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases globally.


The theme for  2016 world day for health and safety at work is WORKPLACE STRESS. A COLLECTIVE CHALLENGE.

It clearly stresses how serious is this work place stress.

So we shall discuss stress in a detailed manner.


Stress is an adverse reaction people have to excessive demands or pressures placed on them.


stress stresses


Stress is not a disease or an illness but it is the natural reaction to pressure. But unrelieved stress can result in diseases and will contribute to poor work performance.

Stress can cause the wide range of effects.  It can cause physical and psychological effects.

It is very easy to identify the person under stress.


The symptoms shall be increased sweating, Head Aches, blurred vision, skin rashes

The behavioral changes due to stress shall be

  • Increased smoking
  • Increase alcohol consumption
  • Loss of appetite or over eating
  • poor concentration and difficulty in sleeping.


If the pressure remains for long period of time then the following things can occur

  • Anxiety and depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Erectile dysfunctions in men
  • Irregular menstrual cycle in women.


So to avoid this keep yourself relaxed, stay cool and spend some leisure time on your interest.


Read books, listen to music, watch fish and flowers, enjoy the rain and somehow release your stress.

Don’t allow stress to kill or over come. Handle stress with care.

Think and make a decision whether to take a stressed path or relaxed way.


Is Nebosh Exam A Nightmare?

NEBOSH is a keyword of discussion when two or more safety officers or safety engineers meet.

First, let us know what is Nebosh—-It is a board from the UK  conducting a different examination to test and certify the proficiency of people in occupational health, safety and environment.

It offers different levels of certificate and award level courses in the field of occupational health, safety and environment.

Nowadays, most companies ask for Nebosh-IGC Qualification. That’s the reason why most of the aspirants looking for Nebosh safety course in India today.

What is IGC?

IGC – International General Certificate, a certificate from Nebosh and it is a level 3 certificate.

Nebosh-IGC includes 3 papers.

  • IGC-01
  • IGC-02
  • IGC-03

IGC-01 deals with Health and safety management system and IGC-02 deals with controlling of workplace hazards and GC-03 are a practical application.

Each paper carries 100 marks and Pass mark for IGC-01 and IGC-02 IS 45 in each paper. For IGC-03 pass mark is 60.

The student who scores 150/300 with minimum  45, 45 and 60 in IGC-01 and IGC-02 and IGC-03 respectively will be considered as pass. The student who scores 180 plus out of 300 will be eligible for credit and the student who scores 210 plus will carry a status of distinction.

The exams in India will be conducted in specific locations as mentioned in the hall tickets and they are supervised by British council. The results shall be announced within 65 days of the exam. The pass in each subject will carry an individual certificate and pass in all three subject will come with an overall certificate.


IS IT A NIGHTMARE —– YES, if you approach it without prior preparation, if you take it lightly, if you are trained by in experienced faculty, not respecting the keywords, not understanding the concepts, not reading the questions carefully, improper time allocation to answer the question.

Then how to overcome this?

Wait without nail bytes, without tension. Cool and relax let us discuss how to get through NEBOSH exams in our next topic.

Enjoy the feel of expectations. Get ready pull off your socks and be a part of NEBOSH.

Our next topic is


Are you Ready to Face the Challenges in Safety Profession?

It is always important to evolve yourself and keep you updated to stay in the hunt in this modern competitive world. There has been a drastic change in the safety profession. As we guys are in the same profession let us discuss to keep ourselves a head of others and stay in the float.

During initial days, the world and the people percept safety as just a profession to check the PPE. But safety is far beyond what actually people percept. Safety is a multi disciplinary in nature. Safety practitioners should have some criteria’s as listed below:

  • Technical knowledge to understand the back ground of the issues.
  • Legal Knowledge to apply required standards
  • Analytical skills to analyze the strengths and weakness of various available options
  • Communication skills to communicate with employers and employees and also to communicate safety information.

So safety officer should need to have status and competence to provide independent advice to employers and employees.

The safety officers should keep updating their qualification with NEBOSH Safety course in India to stay in the ever exciting safety field.

Nowadays safety officers need to go through NEBOSH qualification, which is accepted worldwide.

Nebosh offers different levels of courses in safety and most important among them are Nebosh IGC and IDIP.

Enhance your Safety Skills and Knowledge and Get Recognition the same with industrial safety course in India.

Nebosh is national examination board in occupational safety and health is an examination board from the UK and the certification offered by NEBOSH board is accepted by most countries in the world and it is a recognized certificate in the field of occupational Safety and Health

Examination in Nebosh IGC

  1. IGC 1 – Management of international Health and Safety
  2. IGC 2 – Controlling workplace hazard
  3. IGC 3 – Practical Examination

Examination in NEBOSH IDIP

  1. Unit IA: International Management of Health and Safety
  2. Unit IB: International Control of Hazardous Agents in the Workplace
  3. Unit IC: International Workplace and Work Equipment Safety
  4. Unit ID: International Application of Health and Safety Theory and Practice

Let us discuss this two courses in detail in next session.

Keep safe.


Interesting Facts about SAFETY INSPECTION

Hi Guys

Good Day. Once again happy to meet you

Today we shall have a clear information’s regarding Safety Inspection.

As a SAFETY PROFESSIONALS we always come across words like safety inspection, safety audit,safety survey ,safety tour and safety sampling. Hopefully all of this terms look similar but they are distinctly different in the meaning.

Our topic of focus is SAFETY INSPECTION.

safety courses , fire and safety courses , safety course in tamilnadu , safety institute in india
safety courses , fire and safety courses , safety course in tamilnadu , safety institute in india


Safety inspection is a straight forward observation of work,work place and work environment. It is a pro active monitoring.


To identify the hazards and to check the effectiveness and use of control systems.


Guys simply relate it with school days.

  1. Daily assignment in Maths,
  2. Weekly test in science,
  3. Monthly test in English and as usual
  4. Quarterly,
  5. Half Yearly and
  6. Annual exams.

In same way SAFETY INSPECTION shall be carried out

Daily safety inspection

Weekly safety inspection

Monthly safety inspection

Quarterly safety inspection

Half yearly safety inspection and

Annual safety inspection

based on the type of inspection and hazard and risk level of the organisation. Also legal requirement and manufacturers recommendation plays an important role in deciding the frequency of SAFETY INSPECTION.


Routine Safety Inspection

Statutory Safety Inspection

Periodic Safety Inspection

Pre -use checks



usually safety inspection is carried out by a team which includes Manager,Supervisor, Safety officer,safety representatives and worker of the area.

Guys hope we have thrown some light on the SAFETY INSPECTION area. Have a safe and great week end.

SAFETY INSPECTION is usually carried out with aid of check list.

Hope the Interesting facts  about inspection will help you !

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3 Facts about Intrinsically safe & Explosion Proof ?

3 Facts about Intrinsically safe & Flame Proof ?

Good Day !

Safety Professionals team , happy to meet you with the another interesting stuff .


In our day to day safety professional life we have many misconceptions and doubts. Like Difference between Hazard and Risk. In the same way we shall discuss about the facts about Intrinsically safe and explosion proof.

What is the Difference between the intrinsically safe & explosion Proof ?

Intrinsically Safe:

Where it is Applicable : 

Intrinsically safety is a design technique applied to electrical equipment and wiring for hazardous locations.

The product used in explosion area is intrinsically safe.

It limits the electrical energy so that sparks cannot occur from short circuits and cause ignition of flammable atmosphere.

Explosion Proof :

Enclosures to contain the explosion within its housing.

Enclosures are engineered to contain any flash or explosion.

Explosion proof devices are heavier than Intrinsically safe devices.


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