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When you hear HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM don’t extend your imagination where a gentleman with coat ( isn’t it out of fashion but still a picture of person with coat comes in front of eyes whenever we think about management, corporate…) carrying a suit case ( just like our finance ministers use to carry suit case during budget ).


But really not. It is as simple as Bangladesh winning Australia. Any management system will follow P-D-C-A cycle. Don’t complain that your dad has never bought you that cycle. Just Kidding guys. It is Plan Do Check Act.

In the same manner, our health and safety management system also follow Plan Do Check Act cycle.


Is it true? Does all the management system follow Plan Do Check Act cycle? Can you show me an example??

Sure and why not. We shall approach this with the field which we are familiar with. That is let us try to connect it with health and safety management system.

What is Health and Safety management system?

It contains different elements, which together make up the health and safety management system.

OHSAS 18001, HSG 65 (health and safety guidance) and I.L.O (International Labour Organisation) have provided guidelines for  Health and Safety Management system.


According to OHSAS 18001, the following are elements of Health and Safety Management System.

Elements of Health and Safety Management System according to OHSAS-18001


According to HSG 65  the following are elements of Health and Safety Management System


Elements of Health and Safety Management System according to HSG 65

How are we going to link these two health and safety management system with Plan Do Check Act cycle?



There is one more important Health and Safety Management System. What is that? Where  It is from. It is from I.L.O.

Elements of Health and Safety Management System according to HSG 65


OKAY fine. How to link this management system with Plan Do Check Act cycle.

YES will tell you. Just a moment. Enough of spoon feeding. Think for a moment and all of you are genius. Ready 1,2 and 3. That is it. You have got the answer. Fine guys. Hope you enjoyed this session.





Nebosh is a key word of discussion when two or more safety officers or safety engineers meet.


Now a day’s all most all companies throughout the world requires their candidates in safety department to possess NEBOSH IGC certifications.


It has become mandatory and particularly for Gulf countries.


Are any short cuts to clear NEBOSH and possess the certificate ?????


Yes, there are ways to achieve this certification. Is it a short cut or long cut we leave it to you or every individual to decide.


Understand the reason why you study and want to achieve NEBOSH. You can join NEBOSH Courses in Chennai to clear the exam.


For whatever management system P-D-C-A  Plan, Do Check, Act cycle is important.

In the same way for managing NEBOSH also  P-D-C-A  is very important.

Plan: First plan where to do NEBOSH.Select right institutions with excellent trainer profile.

DO:  Start attending all the classes and follow the guidelines of the expert trainers.

CHECK: Check that you have enough time to read and understand the subjects.

ACT: Start writing revision tests and get feedback from the tutor.


Follow the key word. Usually, most questions in NEBOSH IGC starts with an outline or Identify.

Outline means give key features and Identify means give a reference.


Time management is a key factor. The exam time is 2 hours that is 120 minutes. 25% of the time that is 30 minutes is given as an extra time for the students who use a bi-lingual dictionary.

The dictionary should be ENGLISH-TO OTHER LANGUAGE(HINDI, TAMIL, MALAYALAM, TELUGU etc..). Pocket dictionary without any pictures is best.

Use blue, black ball point pen. Avoid using other types of pen. Don’t use sketch pen or highlighters.

Nebosh Icg-01 and 02 will have 11 questions each.

Section A will have 1 question and will carry 20 marks. Spent maximum 25 to 30 minutes to complete the section.

Section B will have 10 questions and each question will carry 08 marks. Spent maximum 10 minutes to answer each question.

Remember to write the question numbers.

Do remember that one mark will be awarded for 1 correct point.

Allot last ten minutes to revise your answer paper. NEBOSH is a giant when you do not care it properly but NEBOSH is an angel when you pay proper respect.

IS NEBOSH giant or angel depends on the way how you treat it. Good Luck.




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NEBOSH IGC Examination Details :

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Hell Guys


Safe Day. Welcome back from hopefully happy week end.

Let us begin this week by adding some digital value to our already existing SAFETY KNOWLEDGE.

The role of measuring and detecting instruments in safety is incredible. From old analog to current digital meters there are wide range. Some meters which you can often encounter in your safety professional.

Anemometer used to measure wind speed.

Accelerometer is used to measure vibration.

Spirometer used to for the lung functional tests.

Tachometer used to measure the RPM of a shaft or disk

Radiation Dosimeter used to measure  the exposure of ionizing radiation.

Multi Gas detector used to measure several gases like H2S,Oxygen,Carbon monoxide and percentage of LEL.

Catch you guys with some other interesting topics.

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Dear Professionals ,

Good Day

Greetings from Safety professionals – The No 1 Safety training Institute in India.

How to pass NEBOSH IGC ! 

The million dollar question that every students having before appear for the  NEBOSH !

Have you ever tried to pass the NEBOSH !

If your answer is yes ?

What is your contribution towards passing NEBOSH !

Here the Simple suggestions from the technical team that you should obey to pass the NEBOSH EXAMS !


1.Join with the Right NEBOSH Course Provider .

2.Attend the Classes Properly .

3.Ask the doubts – Never hesitate to ask .

4.Get the 10 plus years of past question papers & Answers. 
5.Attend the training program on Examination techniques .
6.Get the Important Mnemonics on NEBOSH – For easy remembrance

7.Write Mock Exams .
8. Attend revision classes – For Last minutes preparation .
9.Have enough time to prepare – Never insist yourself.
10.Be confidant – Never doubt yourself .
11.Use the 24 * 7 Technical support – Get the guidance until the Examination hall.
12.Prepare according to the trainers guidance .


01.Understand the Questions .

02.Follow the Command words strategy – According to the training Provided.
(The Maximum students failed in NEBOSH is due to question interpretation)

03.Plan your self before approach question – Remember the key points.

Relevant Link:

04.Place your question Numbers appropriate .

05.Maintain the good presentation – Until last question.

06 .Complete the exam in time .

07.Check your answers once again .

08.Get the Results as you Expected .
09.Ensure your success in HSE Career.

Note , The only way to passing the NEBOSH is choosing the right course provider ,

As we know the Number of candidates who are struggling for the years and years only because of lack of guidance .

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