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What is NEBOSH?

It’s an independent examination board headquartered in United Kingdom which emphasizes on making the syllabus content for their various  occupational health and safety qualifications such as HSW, IGC and NEBOSH Course(Diploma) and also sets up the assessment methods of the course. The courses offered by them are recognised and most in demand by the employer across the globe. According to research on several job portals 90% of the employer  looking for a candidate with NEBOSH qualifications for HSE position in GCC countries.


Nebosh IGC Course


What course should you choose?

NEBOSH has range of course each of them categorised under different levels and also tailor made for different workplace nature such as construction certificate, oil and gas certificate.

Following are the courses they offer:

International general Certificate (level 3) popularly known as IGC –  one of the most prominent course globally. This course is suitable for the person seeking an entry-level position in any organisation for the role of health and safety practitioner. Also suitable for individual who wants to change their job profile and wants to get engaged in the Field of safety and health.

It consists of two units IG1 and IG2 . IG1 is about the safety management systems and various international safety management standard. IG2 is all about the hazards that may be found in workplace it is categorised under physical such as ( noise, vibration, radiation etc) psychological, ergonomic, chemical and biological hazards.

IG2 is assessed by two hours written examination and for IG2 candidate have to submit a report of risk assessment of the various categories of hazards conducted in their respective workplace.

Entry requirements – for the certificate course there is no any such criteria set up by the Nebosh course in chennai. However we recommend people to take this qualifications only if they have a good proficiency of English both written and reading. If English is not your native language this can be daunting in this case person must have band score of above 6.0 in IELTS. Because there will be a formal exam in written so preparation is the key to succeed.

Learning outputs of this course:

  • Individual will get clear understanding of the hazards and risk related to workplace such as some construction hazard, physical hazards and psychological hazards. And will gain information about the measures to control the risk which their company might be facing.
  • Understanding of the framework of national and  international bodies such as ILO.
  • Will learn about the safety management   system ways to manage it safely.
  • They will able to conduct a risk assessment for the hazards and improve the report writing skill which will influence their skill of presentation.
  • Successful completion of these course provides you an ample opportunity to study a diploma level qualifications popularly known as (NEBOSH course in chennai) Nebosh IDIP which is level -6.
  • Last but not the list it will give you a confidence to make a change in your respective organisation and save the life of million.

What’s next after certificate course?

Diploma level qualifications – its a level 6 course designed for individual already working in the field and those who wants to gain more comprehensive knowledge about the health and safety and their effective management approach. For a higher level position in their organisation.

This course has 4 unit (A,B,C,DNI ) exam of which (A,B,C)  is written examination and unit DNI is practical assignment that candidate have to submit. Completion of this course can lead you to a road to masters in occupational health and safety from some of the renowned UK universities.


Interesting 5 Facts Abour Risk Assessment Part-02

Hi, guys. Kindly view  Interesting 5 Facts About Risk Assessment Part-01


Who will conduct Risk Assessment? It shall be conducted by a competent person.


Who is a competent person. Do you remember. Yes, titanic heroine. That is KATE.


How many members will be there in the Risk Assessment team. It depends on factors like

Hazard and risk level of the task and the organisation and type and function of the organisation.

Usually, risk assessments are conducted by a team. Why ??? Should it not be carried out by the individual. Yes, it can be carried out. Then why by a team???.

If it carried by an individual if it fails total blame will fall on individual shoulders. Okay, jokes apart.

The reason why it should be carried out by a team is, simple. If it is carried out by one person then it solely depends upon the one person’s opinion and judgement.


Who should be the member of risk assessment team?

  • The worker who is familiar with the task and the area.
  • A supervisor of the task and the area
  • Health and safety specialists
  • Technical Specialist
  • Line manager responsible for the area or the task.



An only competent person must be included in this team. No, it is recommended to include non-competent person also in the risk assessment team. The reason is


  • He shall identify hazards and risk which might be missed out
  • He shall ask questions and propose solutions which might not be considered if he is not involved
  • It is a form of motivating the employees and involving them in a decision-making process.
  • He will gain experience in the practice of risk assessment.




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Interesting 5 Facts About Risk Assessment Part-03



Interesting 5 Facts About Risk Assessment Part-01

Hi, guys. Whenever we open the topic about risk assessment I feel most of the people including who are in safety fields seems to be less comfortable. Let us try to break the thick ice spread over risk assessment.

What is Risk Assessment????

Risk assessment is a formalised process of identifying the hazard. Evaluating the risk and then either eliminating or controlling it to an acceptable level.

What is a hazard: something or anything that has the potential to cause harm.

Then what is Risk? It is the probability of likelihood of occurrence and severity of the consequences.


From this, we understand that risk assessment is the process to identify the hazard and then evaluating the risk and then eliminating or controlling it to acceptable limits.

Have you conducted Risk Assessment???

Many answers Noooooo.

Is it true?????

My answer is Noooooo.

Yes all of us are conducting a risk assessment at every minute of our life. Really???

Yes for example before we crossroad we wait and see the road condition, the speed of the vehicles and distance of vehicles from us. Do we do that? Yes, we do that. Then that is a risk assessment. But what is the difference???? We do not record it and workplace it is recorded.


Who will conduct Risk Assessment?  Yes for sure it should be conducted by a competent person.

What is meant by a competent person?  A person with wait wait I will tell you an easy way to remember it. One simple question.  What is the name of titanic heroine? Yes, KATE.

That is the answer for a competent person. A person with Knowledge Ability Training and Experience in the particular field and who can carry out the job in a professional manner and without any risk to health and safety to himself and others.


Guys we shall continue about Risk Assessment in coming days.

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When you hear HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM don’t extend your imagination where a gentleman with coat ( isn’t it out of fashion but still a picture of person with coat comes in front of eyes whenever we think about management, corporate…) carrying a suit case ( just like our finance ministers use to carry suit case during budget ).


But really not. It is as simple as Bangladesh winning Australia. Any management system will follow P-D-C-A cycle. Don’t complain that your dad has never bought you that cycle. Just Kidding guys. It is Plan Do Check Act.

In the same manner, our health and safety management system also follow Plan Do Check Act cycle.


Is it true? Does all the management system follow Plan Do Check Act cycle? Can you show me an example??

Sure and why not. We shall approach this with the field which we are familiar with. That is let us try to connect it with health and safety management system.

What is Health and Safety management system?

It contains different elements, which together make up the health and safety management system.

OHSAS 18001, HSG 65 (health and safety guidance) and I.L.O (International Labour Organisation) have provided guidelines for  Health and Safety Management system.


According to OHSAS 18001, the following are elements of Health and Safety Management System.

Elements of Health and Safety Management System according to OHSAS-18001


According to HSG 65  the following are elements of Health and Safety Management System


Elements of Health and Safety Management System according to HSG 65

How are we going to link these two health and safety management system with Plan Do Check Act cycle?



There is one more important Health and Safety Management System. What is that? Where  It is from. It is from I.L.O.

Elements of Health and Safety Management System according to HSG 65


OKAY fine. How to link this management system with Plan Do Check Act cycle.

YES will tell you. Just a moment. Enough of spoon feeding. Think for a moment and all of you are genius. Ready 1,2 and 3. That is it. You have got the answer. Fine guys. Hope you enjoyed this session.





Nebosh is a key word of discussion when two or more safety officers or safety engineers meet.


Now a day’s all most all companies throughout the world requires their candidates in safety department to possess NEBOSH IGC certifications.


It has become mandatory and particularly for Gulf countries.


Are any short cuts to clear NEBOSH and possess the certificate ?????


Yes, there are ways to achieve this certification. Is it a short cut or long cut we leave it to you or every individual to decide.


Understand the reason why you study and want to achieve NEBOSH. You can join NEBOSH Courses in Chennai to clear the exam.


For whatever management system P-D-C-A  Plan, Do Check, Act cycle is important.

In the same way for managing NEBOSH also  P-D-C-A  is very important.

Plan: First plan where to do NEBOSH.Select right institutions with excellent trainer profile.

DO:  Start attending all the classes and follow the guidelines of the expert trainers.

CHECK: Check that you have enough time to read and understand the subjects.

ACT: Start writing revision tests and get feedback from the tutor.


Follow the key word. Usually, most questions in NEBOSH IGC starts with an outline or Identify.

Outline means give key features and Identify means give a reference.


Time management is a key factor. The exam time is 2 hours that is 120 minutes. 25% of the time that is 30 minutes is given as an extra time for the students who use a bi-lingual dictionary.

The dictionary should be ENGLISH-TO OTHER LANGUAGE(HINDI, TAMIL, MALAYALAM, TELUGU etc..). Pocket dictionary without any pictures is best.

Use blue, black ball point pen. Avoid using other types of pen. Don’t use sketch pen or highlighters.

Nebosh Icg-01 and 02 will have 11 questions each.

Section A will have 1 question and will carry 20 marks. Spent maximum 25 to 30 minutes to complete the section.

Section B will have 10 questions and each question will carry 08 marks. Spent maximum 10 minutes to answer each question.

Remember to write the question numbers.

Do remember that one mark will be awarded for 1 correct point.

Allot last ten minutes to revise your answer paper. NEBOSH is a giant when you do not care it properly but NEBOSH is an angel when you pay proper respect.

IS NEBOSH giant or angel depends on the way how you treat it. Good Luck.