3 Facts about Intrinsically safe & Explosion Proof ?

3 Facts about Intrinsically safe & Flame Proof ?

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In our day to day safety professional life we have many misconceptions and doubts. Like Difference between Hazard and Risk. In the same way we shall discuss about the facts about Intrinsically safe and explosion proof.

What is the Difference between the intrinsically safe & explosion Proof ?

Intrinsically Safe:

Where it is Applicable : 

Intrinsically safety is a design technique applied to electrical equipment and wiring for hazardous locations.

The product used in explosion area is intrinsically safe.

It limits the electrical energy so that sparks cannot occur from short circuits and cause ignition of flammable atmosphere.

Explosion Proof :

Enclosures to contain the explosion within its housing.

Enclosures are engineered to contain any flash or explosion.

Explosion proof devices are heavier than Intrinsically safe devices.


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