Interesting 5 Facts Abour Risk Assessment Part-02

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Who will conduct Risk Assessment? It shall be conducted by a competent person.


Who is a competent person. Do you remember. Yes, titanic heroine. That is KATE.


How many members will be there in the Risk Assessment team. It depends on factors like

Hazard and risk level of the task and the organisation and type and function of the organisation.

Usually, risk assessments are conducted by a team. Why ??? Should it not be carried out by the individual. Yes, it can be carried out. Then why by a team???.

If it carried by an individual if it fails total blame will fall on individual shoulders. Okay, jokes apart.

The reason why it should be carried out by a team is, simple. If it is carried out by one person then it solely depends upon the one person’s opinion and judgement.


Who should be the member of risk assessment team?

  • The worker who is familiar with the task and the area.
  • A supervisor of the task and the area
  • Health and safety specialists
  • Technical Specialist
  • Line manager responsible for the area or the task.



An only competent person must be included in this team. No, it is recommended to include non-competent person also in the risk assessment team. The reason is


  • He shall identify hazards and risk which might be missed out
  • He shall ask questions and propose solutions which might not be considered if he is not involved
  • It is a form of motivating the employees and involving them in a decision-making process.
  • He will gain experience in the practice of risk assessment.




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